Top 30 in Cosplay Idol North America Album G (Sept 5, 2011)

The Epilogue of the North American qualifiers continues, this time at Group G. We thought it’d be a waste to let the Top 6-30 go unnoticed so do check out who almost made it at the Top! Votes are based on count as of Sep 5, so this is an unofficial list. To see the official finalists, click here.

And so, check out the 30 leading cosplayers in this category, scrolling from 30th down to the 1st in list!


30. Jessica Thomas as Miku Hatsune (World is Mine, version) from “Vocaloid 2”

Country: Washington, USA
My comments: Good job, this is a nice cosplay. Excellent work and i love the long wig, kawaii.

Vocaloid 2 Cosplay - Miku Hatsune

29. Ashley Cassaday as Kneesocks

Country: Fort Worth, Texas
My comments: Smexy character! Devilish red all over, with a pointy horn! Awesome

Kneesocks Cosplay

28. Melissa Marsico as Black Cat from “Spider-Man”

Country: New Jersey, USA
My comments: Very cool, this is beautiful. Loves the effect and background you created. NICEEEE

Spider-Man Cosplay - Black Cat

27. Alexia as Motoko Kusanagi from “Ghost In The Shell (Costume from Manga)”

Country: FL, USA
My comments: Quite an uncommon and outlandish costume. It’s a absolutely amazing and hot Motoko.

Ghost In The Shell Cosplay - Motoko Kusanagi

26. Bethany Wicker as Motoko Kusangai From “Ghost in the Shell 2nd GIG”

Country: Missouri, USA
My comments: I like the angle of how this pose was taken, very simple and sweet.

Ghost in the Shell 2nd GIG Cosplay - Motoko Kusangai

25. Elizabeth Bryan as Black★Rock Shooter from “Black★Rock Shooter”

Country: North Carolina, USA
My comments: What a giant cannon, looks like a couple shot to me. A brutal huge boyfriend (cannon) you have. Amazing costume!

Black★Rock Shooter Cosplay - Black★Rock Shooter

24. Manuel Mora as Kaito from “Vocaloid (Magnet Edition)”

Country: Kansas, USA
My comments: A cool and amazing cosplayer, I like how he brings out Kaito’s feel. Going blueeee

Vocaloid (Magnet Edition) Cosplay - Kaito

23. Ai Yambe as Lightning from “Final Fantasy XIII”

Country: Seattle, WA
My comments: She probably has got the best face to cosplay Lightning. Seductive posture!

Final Fantasy XIII Cosplay - Lightning

22. EcHo Chambers as Sora from “Kingdom Hearts II”

Country: Pennsylvania, USA
My comments: Very cool wig. Nice expression and the angle of this photo taken is pretty.

Kingdom Hearts II Cosplay - Sora

21. John McKinnon as Karas from “Karas”

Country: Halifax, Nova Scotia
My comments: Impressive costume, what a handsome Karas. Good job!!

Karas Cosplay - Karas

20. Lady Staba as Sailor Galaxia from “Sailor Moon Stars”

Country: Nevada, USA
My comments: A stunning Sailor Galaxia, beautifully done. The wig, costume, expression, pose (everything) looked brilliant!

Sailor Moon Stars Cosplay - Sailor Galaxia

19. Jason Tran as Alex Louis Armstrong from “Full Metal Alchemist”

Country: California, USA
My comments: I would say this is EPIC. Probably the build (buff lats, back & arms) and the expression owned!!

Full Metal Alchemist Cosplay - Alex Louis Armstrong

18. Jamie Osborn as Sephiroth from “Final Fantasy Seven”

Country: Ohio, USA
My comments: Like the idea that you added the wing as it’s not commonly seen. Suave pose!

Final Fantasy Seven Cosplay - Sephiroth

17. Jesse Horton as Sephiroth from “Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children”

Country: Washington, USA
My comments: Nice cosplay there. The angle, pose and background emit a cool sensation. Especially the background buildings and flag. Thumb up for that

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Cosplay - Sephiroth

16. Jaklyn Trujillo as ANBU Kakashi from “Naruto”

Country: California, USA
My comments: Quite an adorable cosplay with the puppy. A warm and cute shot here.

Naruto Cosplay - ANBU Kakashi

15. Ginger Anne London as Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing from “Hellsing“

Country: Massachusettes, USA
My comments: Looks really awesome to me. It’s a pretty accurate job there, love simply everything from toes to the head. Fantastic job and shot!

Hellsing Cosplay - Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing

14. Abby Rose as Night Elf Hunter from “World of Warcraft”

Country: New Mexico, USA
My comments: Especially favour the night elf in WOW, this looks pretty real. The details put in are specific. Thumbs up for this

World of Warcraft Cosplay Night Elf Hunter

13. Mark Ifversen as Ulquiorra Cifer from “Bleach”

Country: Pennsylvania, USA
My comments: That’s one really smexy Ulquiorra. It’s a ultimate shot, flawless I would say.

Bleach Cosplay - Ulquiorra Cifer

12. Courtney Cook as Yoko Littner from “Tenga Toppa Gurren Lagann”

Country: Florida, USA
My comments: Gotta admit that this is a burning hot Yoko. The props, costume and her expression captured Yoko’s attitude.

Tenga Toppa Gurren Lagann Cosplay - Yoko Littner

11. Kara Smiley as Lavi from “D.Gray-Man“

Country: Washington, USA
My comments: This is completely amazing. I love the how the lighting and surrounding bring out this Lavi’s character. Perfect

D.Gray-Man Cosplay - Lavi

10. Robert Quezada as Mario from “Super Mario Sunshine”

Country: Illinois, USA
My comments: HAHAHA, Mario just brings me laughter. Indeed look alike, lovely guy there. It’s still one of my favourite game.

Super Mario Sunshine Cosplay - Mario

9. Michela Dee as Seras Victoria from “Hellsing”

Country: Massachusetts, USA
My comments: Nice killer there! It did captured the spirit of the character. Beautiful and captivating.

Hellsing Cosplay - Seras Victoria

8. Katia Osadchuk as Elementalist from “Granado Espada”

Country: Illinois, USA
My comments: This is insane and incredibly beautiful. GE costumes are pretty tedious to make, and that was really a great job! Beautiful

Granado Espada Cosplay - Elementalist

7. Arlette E. Resendiz as Miss Tron Bonne with Giga Servbot and the Green Gustaff from “Megaman Legends and Marvel VS Capcom 2“

Country: Chicago, IL
My comments: Definitely adorable!! Just two words to describe: hardcore awesome! This is incredible to make!

Megaman Legends and Marvel VS Capcom 2 Cosplay - Miss Tron Bonne with Giga Servbot and the Green Gustaff

6. Edgar eduardo Mayoral as Dokho from “Saint Seiya”

Country: California, USA
My comments: That’s a epic armor made out of metal. Looks just amazing. The shot captured the essence, perfect lighting and pose.

Saint Seiya Cosplay - Dokho

5. Mei Hoshi as Yuna from “Final Fantasy X“

Country: NJ, USA
My comments: Looks very much like Yuna, would say you are by far one of the best! Amazing on the costume and sweet, innocent face!

Final Fantasy X Cosplay - Yuna

4. Brent Roberts as Ezio Auditore da Firenze from “Assassin’s Creed II”

Country: Wisconsin, USA
My comments: Breathtaking Ezio. Awesome shot, the character to the background. Nice cosplay, THUMBS UP for that!!!

Assassin's Creed II Cosplay - Ezio Auditore da Firenze

3. Mei Chan as Aisaka Taiga from “ToraDora”

Country: San Fransisco, California
My comments: She did an amazing Aisaka. Similarity is 99.99%, it’s awesome! Lighting and the pose are great.

ToraDora Cosplay - Aisaka Taiga

2. Jello Katamari as Tanaka from ”Kuroshitsuji”

Country: Montreal, Canada
My comments: Uber sweet looking fantastic job there! Ho ho ho ho ~

Kuroshitsuji Cosplay - Tanaka

1. Samantha Handler as Oerba Dia Vanille from “Final Fantasy XIII”

Country: Florida, USA
My comments: Perfect pose she got there! Beautiful shot and nice outfit. Brought out the character carefree and child like innocence!

Final Fantasy XIII Cosplay - Oerba Dia Vanille