Leading 30 in Cosplay Idol Europe Album A (19 May 2011)

We have done an update for the North American (A) and Asia & Australia (A), so now it’s time to see how our friends in the Europe group A is doing! It’s about a month since the Europe category was launched so let’s see who the current leading 30 contestants are!

Regarding the title picture at the top, I got a little lazy with extracting all 30 faces from the leading contestants like what I did for the North American and Asian albums. That explains the orange background -tee hee-. Sorry! I’ll do better next time!

Anyway, the below are the current Top 30 out of 200 as of today 12 May 2011. So if your favorite cosplayer is not here, or if you want to bump up the votes of one of them here, vote for them here. Remember, only the Top 5 in this album will make it to the Finals! It’s still a while more to July when the qualifiers end, so anything can happen to the number of votes from now till then!

If you’d like to join the contest, click here for more information. Don’t worry, you’ll be in another album, so you won’t be pitting yourself against the contestants below until you meet them in the Finals!

The current 30 leading contestants are ranked below is descending order…. COUNT-O DOWN!!


30. Rochelle Flynn as Perona from “One Piece”

Country : United Kingdom
My comments : My favorite part of this costume is the crown.

One Piece Cosplay - Perona

29. Caers Bart as Ace Ventura from “Ace Ventura Pet Detective”

Country : Belgium
My comments : This photo never fails to crack me up! + Points for creativity!

Ace Ventura Cosplay

28. Tim Lunn as Colonel Saunders from “KFC”

Country : England
My comments : I get an insane craving for fried chicken every time I see this cosplay picture!

KFC Colonel Saunders Cosplay

27. Elettra Bertotti as Ulquoirra Schiffer from “Bleach”

Country : Italy,  Torino
My comments : Awesome black wings! Gender-bend version?  : )

Bleach Cosplay - Ulquoirra Schiffer

26. Marta Calio as Maka Albarn from “Soul Eater”

Country : Italy, Messina
My comments : I like the details on the scythe.

Soul Eater Cosplay - Maka Albarn

25. Jeannine Frank as Kasumi from “Dead or Alive”

Country : Germany, Leipzig
My comments : Drool x 10!!

Dead or Alive Cosplay - Kasumi

24. Enji Night as Blood Elf original from “World of Warcraft”

Country : Hungary, Debrecen
My comments : I love this creation!

World of Warcraft Cosplay

23. Nascondiglio Di Morgana as Kida from “Atlantis”

Country : Italy, Parco Sigurtà
My comments : My first time encountering an ‘Atlantis’ cosplay. Lovely.

Atlantis Cosplay - Kida

22. Frances White as England from “Hetalia”

Country : United Kingdom, Leicester
My comments : I can’t remember in which part did England wear this but it’s still awesome.

Hetalia Cosplay - England

21. Janice Yap Li Leng as Enma Ai from “Jigoku Shoujo”

Country : United Kingdom, Hampshire
My comments : Enma Ai taking a break, doing R&R in the garden in between jobs.

Jigoku Shoujo Cosplay - Enma Ai

20. Alyx Streater as Darth Talon from “Star Wars Legacy Comics”

Country : England, Kent
My comments : Amazing make up!

Star Wars Cosplay - Darth Talon

19. Federica Di Nardo as V13 from “BlazBlue Calamity Trigger”

Country : Italy, Rome
My comments : An awesome looking costume. It must be so difficult to stand in those!

BlazBlue Calamity Trigger Cosplay - V13

18. Ayucha as Hatsune Miku from “Vocaloid”

Country : Belgium, Antwerpen
My comments : The first Miku to make it to the Top 30!

Vocaloid Cosplay - Hatsune Miku

17. Alexander Brown as Sazh Katzroy from “Final Fantasy 13”

Country : England, London
My comments : Awesome hair!

Final Fantasy 13 Cosplay - Sazh Katzroy

16. Tifa Lee Melween as Tifa Lockhart from “Final Fantasy 7”

Country : France
My comments : Ah. A vulnerable-looking Tifa.

Final Fantsy 7 Cosplay - Tifa Lockhart

15. Kara Hook as Lust from “Full Metal Alchemist”

Country : United Kingdom, Surrey
My comments : Kara got the most important part of Lust right -nods head in approval-

Full metal Alchemist - Lust

14. Marylene Bonchoux as Lightning from “Final Fantasy 13”

Country : Belgium, Tournai
My comments : I like Marylene’s fiery expression

Final Fantasy 13 Cosplay - Lightning

13. Laura Birnbaum as Ion Fortuna from “Trinity Blood”

Country : Germany , Cologne
My comments : The details on this costume are great.

Trinity Blood Cosplay - Ion Fortuna

12. Charlie Rose as Ariel from “The Little Mermaid”

Country : United Kingdom, Manchester
My comments : The pretty Little Mermaird never looked prettier!! This brings me back to my childhood days.

Little Mermaid Cosplay - Ariel

11. Merel Hamers as Yami Yugi / Yugi Mutou from “Yugi-oh!”

Country : Holland, The Netherlands
My comments : I love how the photo is edited for the movie-poster feel.

Yugi-Oh! Cosplay - Yami Yugi / Yugi Mutou

10. Chiara Gondoni as Angewomon from “Digimon”

Country : Italy, Brisighella
My comments : Alot of work must have been put into the wings and bow!

Digimon Cosplay - Angewoman

09. Mathieu Deconstanzi as “Big Daddy”

Country : France, Paris
My comments : W.O.W. (No, not that game.) This is incredible!

Big Daddy Cosplay

08. Judit Mezom as Kirin from “Monster Hunters”

Country : Hungary, Tatabánya
My comments : It must have froze like hell to have taken such a shot in the snow! But looking at how great the shot turned out, it was a worthwhile sacrifice.

Monster Hunters Cosplay - Kirin

07. Kirsty Atwill as the “Angel of Death”

Country : England, Bristol
My comments : Awesome props!

Angel Of Death Cosplay

06. Joshua Murray as Cheshire Cat from “Alice in Wonderland”

Country : England
My comments : Awww I just wanna snuggle up and hug the kitty.

Alice in Aonderland Cosplay - Cheshire Cat

05. Iain Clark as Death Note Book from “Death Note”

Country : England, Essex
My comments : This is nothing short of creative! LOL

Death Note Cosplay

04. Lutinaile as Kiba from “Garo”

Country : France, Nord
My comments : Woah. This can be right out of a movie. EXCELLENT.

Garo Cosplay - Kiba

03. Svetlana Quindt as Asmodian Gladiator from “Aion – Tower of Eternity”

Country : Germany, Bavaria
My comments : This is another one of my favorites! Pure epic-ness.

Aion Tower of Eternity Cosplay - Asmodian Gladiator

02. Liz Nemesi Biella as Night Elf from “World of Warcraft”

Country : Italy, Milan
My comments : I am no gamer. Liz’s cosplay makes me want to play the game. There is nothing not to like about this cosplay!

World of Warcraft Cosplay - Night Elf

01. Mike as Piccolo from “Dragon Ball Z”

Country : France
My comments : Number 1 right now is Mike from France, who’s Piccolo is so epic he looks like he stepped right out of the TV!! NOW THIS is called ‘live action’!

Dragon Ball Z Cosplay - Piccolo

If you’d like to join the contest, click here for more information. You’ll be entered into another album where the Top 5 will enter the Finals in September 2011.