Cosplay Props Galore: Cosplay Idol’s Weapon Masters Unite!

Cosplay prop making is a fantastic way for a cosplayer to really show off their stuff, and this contest has given it’s entrants a chance to do just that. The type of skill it takes to make a massive weapon, detailed magical staff, or giant pair of wings really differs from your typical pattern sewing expertise. A well rounded costumer can make amazing props to match their equally amazing outfits – and the people featured here have really proven that they deserve to be counted among some of the best!

All these cosplay photo submission are taken from the Otaku House Cosplay Idol competition!

(Above pictured: Cosplayer : Emily Eason, BalthierFlare / Character : Rikku (Dark Knight dressphere) from “Final Fantasy X-2” / Location : Maryland, USA)

Props on the props! Cosplay Idol’s weapon masters unite

Sakura Hime from “Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles”

Cosplayer: Danu

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Photo credits: Arián Valiente

A beautiful staff adorns this cosplay, showing some amazing skill!

Raqel Gothic from “Vispo Raqel Figures”

Cosplayer : RedSonya
Location : VA, United States
Photo credits : TheBigTog

Beautifully made wings make this cosplayer SOAR to new heights (c wut I did thar)

“H.G. Wells” the Time Traveler, from “1960’s The Time Machine”

Cosplayer : Thomas J. Galvin III
Location : Florida, USA
Photo credits : Jessica Galvin

Not so much a prop as it is a vehicle, but this time machine ensures that your mind has just been blown.

Cain Nightroad from “Trinity Blood”

Cosplayer : Leandro Martins
Location : Lisboa, Portugal
Photo credits : Inge Roels-Kuypers

Trinity Blood cosplayers are in a world of their own, and this gigantic wing display just reminds us why.

Blade master in Dragyuros set From “Monster Hunter Frontier”

Cosplayer : Dinotiste
Location : Belgium
Photo credits : By Kn8e

Nothing amazes an onlooker more than a huge sword that is just about bigger than it’s creator.

Black Rock Shooter from “Vocaloid“

Cosplayer : Francesca Neri aka Kicka
Location : Empoli, Italy
Photo credits : Operation One

This is a fantastic Black Rock Shooter. She really took the time to take her prop to the next level!

Tigrex Diablos Fusion “Monster Hunter Frontier Online”

Cosplayer : Jun Jun
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Another amazing display of skill, as this “Monster Hunter” wields a huge, amazing blade.

A.B.A from “Guilty Gear”

Cosplayer: Rosie Morrison
Location: Australia, NSW

One of my personal favorites, A.B.A. from Guilty Gear. Amazing job on one of the most creative prop designs!

Tira from “Soul Calibur”

Cosplayer : Bronte Mckinney a.k.a. BangBangNeko
Location : Vancouver, WA Canada

Cool Tira outfit? Check. Crazy Tira hat? Check. 15 pound hula hoop? Check.

Xiao Qiao from “Dynasty Warriors 6”

Cosplayer : Nikki Nguyen
Location: California, USA

The signature prop for any Xiao Qiao or Da Qiao, huge fans that make a great visual impact!

Mother Shahraz from “World of Warcraft”

Cosplayer : Christina Sims (ZerinaX)
Location : Superior, CO
Photo credits : Morten Skovgaard

Extra arms? Massive swords? WoW doesn’t even BEGIN to describe the epic win shown in this picture.

Seras Victoria (Blood Version) from “Hellsing”

Cosplayer : Elisa Carlini aka Bunnydeva
Location : Italy
Photo credits : Cosmoplay

FANTASTIC usage of missing arm. Maybe she should borrow an arm from the WoW cosplayer above? This prop is beyond great.

Haseo from “Dot Hack”

Cosplayer : Kimi ShamanRenji Martens
Location : Limburg, Belgium

An example of awesome skill, this sword is a great replica and all around perfectly done.

Arika Yumemiya (Blue Sky Saphire) from “Mai Otome”

Cosplayer : SakuraFlame
Location : France

A beautiful staff to go with an equally beautiful costume! Lovely craftsmanship.
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