12 Perfectly Pitched Hatsune Miku Cosplays!

5. Hijab Version

Matsurikara from Jakarta, Indonesia. We really liked this cosplay of Hatsune Miku because this goes to show that cosplay crosses boundaries and can be harmonized with different cultures. Great cosplay!

6. Vocaloid 2 (“Sweet and more sweet”) Version

Asumi from Singapore. Well, this is a really very  sweet cosplay! Very interesting and fresh depiction of Hatsune Miku too! We thought she would look like this if she were to be a candygirl.

7. Append Version

Eririnnya from Thailand. She has got this costume down to the last inches! A very accurate display of Miku’s append look, and a very cutesy vibe that we are quite familiar with our blue-haired Vocaloid.

8. Project Diva Kimono Version

Grecia Monico from San Salvador, El Salvador. This is a gorgeous cosplay of Miku’s Project Diva look! With that serious gaze, it feels as if the Vocaloid has taken a human form and is doing a shoot for a music video!

We are getting vocal about this! Don’t miss out the rest of the Miku cosplays on the next page!