Naruto X Dungeons and Dragons Alignment

Lawful Evil: Pain

This is contributed by Madao Nin: “He is a tight-ass bad guy. Tight ass = lawful in my book. Heh.”

Neutral Good: Uzumaki Naruto

We used to think Naruto may be Chaotic good, especially when he was a kid. But if you observe the way he disapproves of Jiraiya’s antics, yo will see that he is more inclined to Neutral.

True Neutral: Haku

For lack of a better candidate, I give you Haku. He’s close enough to being True Neutral. What do you think?

Neutral Evil: Tobi

Madao Nin says: “Tobi views law and chaos as unnecessary considerations. Basically he does not care about rules and no one knows about his agenda.”

Chaotic Good: Jiraiya

Yup, Jiraiya is the good guy. We all agree. Yet, his antics are often chaotic (think peeping), and values personal freedom above bureaucracy.

Chaotic Neutral: Uchiha Sasuke

Uchiha Sasuke has a total disregard for rules, doing whatever it takes to get his revenge. He generally frown upon killing, yet have no qualm about taking lives to reach his goal. That’s Chaotic Neutral all right.

Chaotic Evil: Hidan

B*tch please. This guy is completely off his rocker. He’s out of control and has a penchant for random murder (murder of both himself and others). No dispute on his alignment here.

Naruto X Dungeons and Dragons Alignment