Facebook Poll Result: Vote for your favorite Sexy Anime Guy


The team behind Otaku House wrecked their heads and came up with a poll featuring 6 very sexy anime guys -ahem-. Here is a write up about the 6 contestants (yes, we’re trying very hard here to justify why these 6 chaps appear in a poll about sex appeal).

You can find this poll in our facebook page at facebook.com/otakuhouse. So come support these unsung heroes who are usually left out in conversations about appeal. Vote and discuss why!

The Contestants for our Sexy Anime Guys Competition.

1. Elizabeth from ‘Gintama’

The ultimate mascot. Elizabeth looks like a penguin / duck / bedsheet all rolled into one, with a suspected middle aged man underneath it all. He/she/it communicates with a signboard that he/she/it also doubles up as a weapon to whack enemies with. Although he/she/it can speak quite fluently (and it is distinctively the voice of a middle aged man), he/she/it only does so when Katsura is not around; and only once in about 50 episodes.

So why is this strange creature in this poll??? Hey, he/she/it managed to get a pretty nurse as a girlfriend! That’s an achievement not many can brag about.

Must be those leg hair…

2. Alex Louis Armstrong from ‘Full Metal Alchemist’

Well-built is an understatement. For those who like their man beefy to the point of sculpted muscles; and who strips in a flurry of pink sparkles at every opportunity, this one here is your man.


3. Grell Sutcliffe from ‘Kuroshitsuji’

Here’s your eccentric soul reaper who reaps with 2 little pairs of scissors, since his preferred modified chainsaw was confiscated. If you’re into Yaoi stuff, I suppose he could provide you with some entertainment. Especially if you’re a demon butler dressed in black.

Otherwise, some find him a pure shudder up their spine.

4. Komamura Sajin from ‘Bleach’

This one’s for the dog lovers. The captain of the Shinigami 7th Division puzzled all when he first appeared with a bucket over his head. That’s fashion that is weird in every sense of the word. It was not until he revealed his canine appearance that we were suddenly struck with shimmering empathy (and howling laughter). I mean, hey, give the poor guy a break! If you looked like that, you wouldn’t think twice about stuffing your head in a bucket too!

Don’t get us wrong now. We love dogs. We just don’t think they are sexy. But you may disagree with us. In which case, go support Komamura and vote for him here.

5. Naraku from ‘Inuyasha’

Just when you think Komamura has a weird fashion sense, Naraku appears sprouting his proud baboon hide, flanked by his CCTV bees. And we never found out what was up with those baboon clothes. Some fetish thing maybe. Well, he soon grew tired of it and chose to float around in a congealing tentacled mess instead.

So if you’re into those tentacle things, or if that low sinister laughter turns you on, vote for Naraku here!

5. Orochimaru from ‘Naruto’

Orochimaru has the profound ability to regurgitate himself out in the middle of battle. It’s a ninja thing. To distract the enemy by being disgusting.

This guy is also the first guy in Naruto to get a shower scene; with Kabuto watching outside (that was one disturbing episode to watch).

So why else is this guy in this poll?? Err… err… He has a really long tongue!

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