Hotaru the Movie: Official Trailer

Based on the josei manga Hotaru no Hikari, Hotaru the movie is a sequel to the live TV series also adapted from the manga!

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Set two years after after “Hotaru no Hikari 2” drama series, Hotaru Amemiya learns that her boss and now husband Seichi Takano has dreamed of vacationing in Rome, Italy like in the movie “Roman Holiday”. Hotaru then makes plans to go to Rome for their honeymoon.

Rome, Italy prepare … Hotaru Amemiya and Seichi Takano are coming!


Director : Hiroshi Yoshino
Cast : Haruka Ayase (Hotaru Amemiya), Naohito Fujiki (Seiichi Takano)
Genre : Romantic comedy
Language : Japanese
Release date : 23 Aug 2012

Screenshots from Hotaru the Movie