2.5″ Jumping Brain Mini Figure with Keychain

We don’t
know whether this is disconcerting or a stroke of genius. But watching
your brains sprout 4 webbed frog legs and leaping away from you
inspires an almost philosophical sense of wonder. Toy2R brings to you
this 2.5″ mini figure of a jumping brain by Emilio Garcia. Comes in 8
colours and a mystery figure. A keychain is also included in every box
to allow you to bring your brains out for a walk.

I don’t know about you, but the first image which flashed across my
mind when I saw this was my work desk littered with colourful little
brains throbbing around while I fish into the depths of my brain in the
midst of my creative work. The next thought was “I need this!!”

The 2.5″ Jumping Brain Mini Figure with Keychain is now available and
exclusively at all Otaku House outlets!