Customized Qees at Otaku House – Free DIY Qee Given

Custom BuneeQ at Otaku House

We gave out free 3.5″ Qees during STGCC 2009 to anyone who wanted to paint on them! Look at how the blanks are turned into cool personalities by those brave enough to pick up the challenge.

Gwen hard at work at Otaku House Booth

Our first participant, Gwen, hard at work on a BuneeQ.

Customized DIY Angel BuneeQ

Say hi to the bandaged BuneeQ.


Presenting the finished product.

Custom BoxeeQ Qee at STGCC 2009

Another participant hard at work with his customized BoxeeQ Qee.

BoxeeQ Artist

James looks proud of his work!

Red Slave Devil Toyer

Another artist drawing on the ToyerQ

Willie Devil ToyerQ at Otaku House

Willie drawing on his Devil ToyerQ. He told me he is creating his version of the Monkey God.

Monkey God ToyerQ Qee

Willie’s completed Monkey God customization.

Custom Devil ToyerQ and Artist

Say cheeze..


After a hard day’s work. Create your own Qee today!