Top Naruto Cosplay (Kakashi Team 7)

Uchiha Carol (USA) – Curse Seal Stage 2 (First Season)

First seen in the Valley of End in the first season and later in the second season, this is one monster you dont want to face unless you have a death sentence or death wish. This actually is one of the most accurate Curse Seal cosplays I have seen so far and I like the fact those handwings look like the real thing. Man, it must have been a pain to make those! Excellent job!!

Leslie Isabel Patriarchi (Italy) – Akatsuki Version

I have only seen Team 7 in Akatsuki version in various artworks and well, this one is quite interesting since you can never imagine Sakura as part of the enemy. Although, you get to see this trend in fanfictions and of course, some artworks. Very good use of the location and the pose is quite good. I like the effect you did with the sword. I believe Sakura has a tanto since she’s a Chuunin like Ino.


JangWang (Thailand)

The new addition and replacement to the wayward Uchiha Genius is this drawing prodigy and ROOT operative Sai. At first you find him annoying since he is too fake, but when you hear him tease people, you just cant help but retaliate in both laughter and annoyance. But thanks to Naruto, he learns to make friends and become open to the world around him. This photo pretty much sums up Sai’s newly found identity as he tempts you to challenge him.

Hatake Kakashi

OffWinFast (Thailand) – Jonin Version

The lazy and genius head of the fourth generation of Team 7 and a former member of the third generation Team 7 shows off his mighty and signature attack the Chidori in this photo. Aside from the fact he was the genius in his Team 7 group, Kakashi is an open pervert. Sadly, when you find him in fights, just like in this photo, you can pretty much swear you are looking at a wolf ready to pounce at his prey… interesting!

Suzie Girard (Canada) – Jonin Version

This photo could pretty much pass as the official wanted poster for Kakashi in the bingo book, since he displays the Sharingan here. What you would admire in this photo is the fact that it is straight to the point; no edits, no fancy backgrounds, just Sharingan no Kakashi in his fighting face. I wouldnt want to challenge this Kakashi with that look, I may find myself impaled by Raikiri or Chidori… *shivers*

Dean Gobbo (Australia) – ANBU Version

If everyone could recall or would like to know, this version of Kakashi is pretty much known in the first Naruto movie and in some recollections in the manga. When I first saw this photo, it reminded me of Kakashi scanning the area for possible threats before he moves out. I did the semi-finals tally for this cosplayer’s block and I do wish to see how he will take this in the next level.

Jaklyn Trujillo (USA) – ANBU Version

All I can say in this is KYAAAAA!!! SO CUTEEE! Its like seeing young Kakashi with his first ninken! I commend the cosplayer’s use of a real dog here, super cuteee! Plus his take on Kakashi is so cute! He looks innocent and young too. Kyaaaa!! ~~~

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