Shipping Info FAQ

What countries do you ship to?
We ship worldwide to any countries on the globe.

What shipping method do you use and how long does it take?
We ship from Singapore and currently use Standard Air Mail with registered tracking for all purchases. The estimated shipping length under normal circumstances are as follows:

USA and Europe: Between 2-3 working weeks
Australia: Between 1- 2 working weeks
Asia: Within 1 working week
Other countries: Within 3 working weeks

How are the shipping charges determined?
Shipping charges are based on the weight, dimension and destination of your purchase. A packing and handling fee is also included to help protect your purchases from basic damage due to rough handling during shipping. While we do our best to protect against such damages, please understand that we will not be able to control shipping conditions and protect against damages caused by factors out of our control.

The shipping charges will be automatically tabulated at the checkout page.

Can I request for express shipping?
Additional charges will be required for express shipping. Depending on your location, the express shipping takes between 1 to 2 working days to reach you. The charges for express shipping vary depending on the weight and dimension of your order. For more information on the additional charges, please contact us via our email.

I have just made a purchase. Have my order been shipped? What is my tracking number?
If you have made a purchase, your items will be shipped out to you within 1-3 working days unless otherwise notified. A notification with your tracking number will be emailed to you after your items have been sent. If you have not received the notification after 4 working days of your purchase, please contact us via email.

I have not received my items after the estimated shipping time.
If you have not received your order after the estimated shipping time listed above, you may want to check if your residence has received a notification from your local Post Office notifying you of an attempted delivery. If you have received the notification, do arrange for a redelivery or pick up at your Post Office at the soonest possible time. Otaku House will not be able to subsidize reshipping charges should the items be returned to us due to the failure of the items to be claimed.

If you did not receive any correspondence from your Post Office, please contact us via email.