Online Cosplay Competition Prizes and Rules

Cosplay Idol Details

Cosplay Competition Prizes, Rules, Categories and Datelines
Cosplay Idol Grand Prizes

The following prizes will be presented to winners of the final round from each category:

Cosplay Idol Winner:
USD$500 worth of cosplay hamper* (for each category) and the title of of Cosplay Idol 2011.

1st runner up :
USD$300 worth of cosplay hamper* (for each category)

2nd runner up :
USD$200 worth of cosplay hamper* (for each category)

* Winners get to customize their cosplay hampers to include their choice of cosplay costumes, cosplay wigs, cosplay accessories, and the nonsensical gifts from our store.

Cosplay Idol Rules

Do note that currently the competition is open to 4 geographical locations : North America, Europe, Asia (& Australia), and South America (New category!).

We spend several hours a day just sorting through the applications. So please help us out by following the rules below before sending us your photo! With effect from April 8 2011, submissions not following our rules will not be accepted into the contest :) All applications should be sent to cosplayidol[@]

Application Rules

1. The cosplay picture submitted must be a picture of yourself. So if you post a picture of someone else, and someone else rats on you, and you can’t back up your claim on the photo, you‘re disqualified. Oh yes, you also have to tag yourself in the picture with your own facebook account after it is uploaded to our album to authenticate that this is you! Untagged photos will be disqualified.

2. This is a solo competition, so the picture should feature only you in it.

3 Only send us 1 picture per contestant. Do not send us your collection of awesome photos and request that we choose for you.

4. Send your picture in JPEG format only, max file size of 500KB.

5. Check through your application and decide on your photo before sending to us. We will not accept changes to photo/info after your application is processed.

6. Descriptions in "Comments" has to be within 100 words. If your description is above 100 words, you may or may not be disqualified depending on our editor's mood. Please do a word count before submitting.

7. If your cosplay photo does not show your face, please send a separate photo/video together with the application showing your face while you wear the costume/make the costume to prove that this is you.

8. No obscene / nude / offensive photos.

9. Applications have to follow the following format.

Do not include our instructions in the brackets( ) in your submissions.

Cosplayer : (Your name)
Character : (Character name from "series name")
Comments : (description and your comments)
Location : (State, Country of your location)
Photo credits : (If any. Not compulsory)
The following is an example of a correct submission:

Cosplayer : Bronte Mckinney
Character : Tira from "Soul Calibur"

Comments : This was all handmade by me including the hula hoop which weighed 15 pounds. In this photo I wanted to recreate what she's like in the game.

Location : Vancouver, Canada

10. Finally, as we have cosplayers from all over the world gathered here, we have chosen English to be the main communication language with everybody. So please send in your applications in English only. And also, kindly communicate with other cosplayers in English while in our contest so that friends from other countries may join in the discussions!

Yes, that’s all! Easy pea-sy!


Entries submitted to the Otaku House Cosplay Idol Contest is split into 4 categories by geographical location.

- North America (USA and Canada)
- Europe (Western, Central and Eastern Europe including Russia)
- Asia & The Pacific Region. (Australia included)
- South / Central America


The competition starts in April 2011 and the Qualifying Round ends when :

North America : *End July
Asia/Australia : *28 August 2011
Europe : *4 September 2011
South/Central America : *2 September 2011

To be fair to late comers in the contest, each category will have 1 week to garner remaining votes after the qualifiers end. We will not be accepting new entries during this one week.

We will then choose the best 20 entries (most Facebook likes) from each category best 5 entries from each album to take part in the Cosplay Idol Finals in September 2011, so rally your army for the voting battle!

This is to make it fairer for all participants as entries around the same time will go into the SAME album!