Asian Cosplay Idol

Otaku House Cosplay Idol Asia

-Includes Australia

To join the Cosplay Idol Asian Competition

Take part in the Cosplay Idol Asia 2011, see the application procedure to take part in the Cosplay Competition. Click here to join the Cosplay Idol competition.

The Otaku House Cosplay Idol is an online cosplay competition worth $4000 USD.

To Vote and Help us Decide on the Cosplay Idol Asia 2011

Step 1) Click on the ‘Like’ Button here. (Remember to click the ‘Like’ Button here or you will not be able to vote on the picture.)

Step 2) Click on your favorite pictures below and ‘Like’ the photo on the Facebook page. Each ‘Like’ is 1 vote!

Top 5 photos in each album goes to the finals.

Qualification round ends 31 July 2011.